Slow Cooker Pot Roast

A surprising ingredient makes a delicious and slightly creamy gravy in this pot roast recipe. Quick and easy, this roast is perfect for a casual night at home with the family, or for a sit down dinner party! Serve with roasted or grilled veggies and some bread.. to soak up the delectable gravy! 


2 pounds rump roast
flour, for coating
cracked black pepper
1 yellow onion, chopped
4 large carrots, chopped
2 garlic cloves, smashed
1/2 bottle prepared creamy horseradish sauce (like Kraft)
3 cups low-sodium beef broth or au jus (McCormicks)
5-6 medium-large red skin potatoes, chopped

1. Mix together some flour and cracked black pepper on a plate. Coat rump roast in flour.
2. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Drizzle in olive oil, and sear roast on all sides until golden brown.
3. Rub creamy horseradish sauce over seared roast.
4. In a large slow cooker, place carrots, onions, & garlic on bottom. Place rump roast on top of veggies.
5. Dump the beef broth (or au jus) into skillet with pan drippings from searing. Heat and stir to loosen up browned bits. Pour into slow cooker with roast and veggies.
6. Cook on LOW for 4 hours.
7. Dump in potatoes, and cook on low an additional 2-3 hours, or until beef is tender, and potatoes are cooked through.
8. Remove roast and veggies onto a platter, cover with foil to keep warm.
9. Strain liquid into a large skillet, and bring to a boil. Cook until thick (like a gravy). You may have to add cornstarch or fine flour to help thicken.

Yield: 6-8 servings 


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