Healthy Snacking at the Office

Bring a healthy snack with you to work to ward off that afternoon hunger and keep you away from the tempting vending machine candy. Each of the following snacks are less than 200 calories to fit nicely into any healthy meal plan.


1. Wheat crackers with peanut butter: Make your own peanut butter cracker healthier by looking for whole wheat or whole grain crackers paired with 1 Tbsp peanut butter. The whole grain and protein combo will keep you full longer.

2. Fruit: Grab an apple, orange, banana, pear, or grapes as you run out of the door in the morning. Mixing up the type of fruit to get the widest variety of nutrients and prevent any boredom. Pair the fruit with a glass of low fat milk for some protein to keep you full and satisfied.

3. Popcorn: A great whole-grain snack! Mix up the flavor of plain popcorn by topping it with 2 Tbsp of parmesan cheese for a unique flavor kick.

4. Nuts: If you are in the mood for a crunchy snack, try some oven roasted or raw nuts! Nuts have a good amount of healthy fats, but are also calorie dense. Measure out one ounce to control over eating. One ounce is about 24 almonds.

5. Instant Oatmeal: Heating up a packet of plain instant oatmeal is a great warm snack on a cool day. Add your own flavors like dried fruit or cinnamon to control the calories. This whole grain snack helps lower cholesterol and in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.

6. Hummus & Pita: Dip whole wheat pita into 2 Tbsp of hummus for a filling and satisfying snack. Hummus is also great with veggies. For a little extra protein, fill the pita with an ounce of deli ham or turkey.

7. Snack Bars: Prepackaged snack bars are a handy snack to keep in your desk or purse. Read the labels and look for bars with the most natural ingredients with no added sugar.

8. Veggies & Dip: Raw, fresh veggies give a satisfying crunch with very few calories. Try dipping them in low fat ranch, hummus, or salsa to give a little flavor. High in fiber, this snack will keep you full and focused for the remainder of the day.

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