Kids Heading Back to School? Pack a Safe & Healthy Lunch!

School is just around the corner! Here are some great tips on keeping your kid’s lunch box safe, healthy, and nutritious! Eating right at school has proven benefits including higher test scores, better retention, and increased focused. 


Keep it Clean
– Wash lunch boxes/bags often with warm soapy water
– Wash your hands before, during and after preparing lunches
– Make sure counters are clean to prevent any cross-contamination
– Pack a hand sanitizer in your kid’s lunch box and remind them to wash their hands before eating

Keep it Temperature Safe
– Use an insulated lunch bag/box
– Pack an ice pack or frozen beverage in with the food
– Consider substituting perishable food items with shelf-stable foods (trail mix, whole fruit, dried fruit, veggie sticks, bagels, granola bars, whole grain crackers with peanut butter, single-serve applesauce, etc)
– If packing lunch the night before, leave any perishable food items in the refrigerator overnight

Keep it Nutritious
– Opt for whole-grain breads
– Grab low-fat or fat-free dairy products
– Choose lean proteins like deli chicken or turkey, peanut butter, or lean meats
– Include fruits and/or vegetables daily
– Limit processed food items
– Pack a healthy and filling snack for in-between meals

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