Fresh vs Canned Produce

A common thought regarding produce is that fresh is best. In many ways it is, but using canned vegetables does not necessarily mean you are sacrificing nutrients.

cannedfoodsStudies show that like frozen produce, canned produce (when free of added salt and sugar) has a nutrient value that is often as good as (or better) than fresh produce.

Freshly picked vegetables do start out having the most vitamins and minerals, but degradation occurs during shipment and storage. Majority of produce in supermarkets sits on shelves or in storage for many days before it’s sold.

Canned produce can also lose some of its nutrients as well. Nutrients lost in particular are the water-soluble nutrients like vitamins B and C. But overall, the nutrients stay relatively stable in canned produce because they are protected from the deteriorating effects of oxygen.

Overall, both options are equally healthy but you need to keep in mind that fresh vegetables lose nutrients more rapidly. If buying canned, look for no salt added and no sugar added. Your best bet is to buy fresh  from a produce stand, buy local, or grow your own garden!


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