Healthy Food Swaps

Start your new year off right with these 8 healthy food swaps!

1. Instead of a bagel, reach for an english muffin. Toast and top with peanut butter and fresh strawberries for a complete breakfast.

2. Reach for low-fat greek yogurt instead of milk with your cereal. The high protein content of the greek yogurt will keep you full longer.

3. Switch out your morning orange juice for a real orange. The whole fruit has fiber to keep you full longer and less sugar than the juice.

4. Pile your favorite sandwich toppings into a whole wheat wrap instead of bread. Save calories and mix up your lunch with this easy swap.

5. Top cheese on apple slices instead of crackers. You can increase your fruit intake while saving calories and cutting back on sodium!

6. Make a homemade trail mix instead of snacking on mixed nuts. Nuts are full of the heart healthy fats but are also calorie heavy. Make your own trail mix with nuts, popcorn, whole-grain cereal, and dried fruit.

7. Get your chocolate fix with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has half the sugar as milk chocolate

8. Top your chili with sliced radishes instead of corn chips. The radishes will provide the crunch with a lot less calories (and sodium)!

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