How to: Eat Healthy at a Party

The Holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means – lots of parties with lots of food! Here are some simple tips for eating healthy at a party:

1. Eat before you go. Do not arrive to a party hungry because you are more likely to overeat. Have a light meal or snack before you arrive.

2. Place limits. Try a 2-plate limit and/or a 2-drink limit. Alcohol has many empty calories!

3. Plan ahead. If you are going to a restaurant dinner party, scope out the menu prior to arriving. Make a healthy choice before going and stick with it!

4. Drink water. The water will help to give you a feeling of fullness with no calories.

5. Focus on fruits and vegetables. Many house parties will have a fruit and/or veggie tray. Load up on these healthy appetizers! Limit your use of the dips for they may be high in fat and high in calories.

6. Bring your own. If it is a pot-luck style party, you can bring a healthy option! This way, you will know what is in the item and you will know if it is healthy or not.

7. Log what you eat. This way, you will be aware of how many calories you take in. You may also eat less if you know you have to log it in later.

8. Relax and have fun. You do not have to eat healthy all the time. Focus on eating healthy and exercising most days of the week and then allow yourself to have fun at a weekend holiday party!


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