Power Up with Breakfast!

Your mom or grandmother was right – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Breakfast gives you the energy you need to start the day right. It will help to jump-start your metabolism for the day, you will be able to perform better throughout the day, and breakfast will keep you from over-eating at your next meal. Eating breakfast has been shown to aid in weight loss. A healthy breakfast will pave the way to make more healthy choices throughout the day!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas:
– Make instant oatmeal with low-fat milk instead of water. Top with dried fruit and chopped walnuts. Or mix in unsweetened applesauce and sprinkle with apple pie spice or cinnamon.
– Make a yogurt parfait with low-fat yogurt, granola, and fruit.
– Make a breakfast smoothie with frozen fruit and yogurt or milk.
– Top a whole-wheat toaster waffle with peanut butter and banana or apple slices.
– Stuff a whole-wheat pita with a sliced, hard-cooked egg and low-fat shredded cheese.
– Spread a whole-wheat flour tortilla with peanut butter. Add a whole banana and roll it up.
– Spread low-fat cream cheese on a whole-grain toasted bagel. Top with sliced fruit.
– Add lean ham and low-fat cheese to a toasted whole-grain English muffin.
– Stuff an omelet full of sautéed veggies.

If you are not in the mood for breakfast-type foods, dig into some leftovers from dinner!

See EatRight.org for more information!

To learn more about what affects your metabolism and weight loss see: Metabolism Myths and Weight Loss Tips


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