Healthy Foods Under $1

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break your budget. Many healthy items are usually low in price, but you can also look for fresh foods that are on sale or in season (in season produce tends to be less expensive). Also, look for store brand items – usually the same item packaged in a different box – you don’t have to pay for the marketing. Use coupons, buy in bulk, and plan ahead to save additional money. If buying in bulk, you can freeze many types of fruits/vegetables to be used later.

Here is a brief list of healthy items found at the grocery store that tend to be less than 1 dollar:
– Bananas
– Rice (even brown rice)
– Oatmeal
– Carrots
– Kale
– Popcorn
– Dried beans
– Lentils
– Canned Tuna
– Oranges


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One response to “Healthy Foods Under $1

  1. Pam

    When looking at a store brand, I find that I need to examine the label carefully. Even though the price is less, the store brand might have more salt.

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