Online Tracker for Weight Loss

An online calorie and exercise tracker has major potential to help you reach your weight loss and exercise goals. Research has shown that writing down what you eat while you eat it has a major effect on how much you eat. If you have to write down that you ate 20 cookies, you are more likely to either eat less or not eat the cookies all together. But, even if you write down what you eat on a piece of paper, you may still not know how much calories you are taking in. This is where the benefits of an online calorie tracker come in handy!

Recently I came across (a free program!) and tested it out for a few days. Not only does it have an app for iPhone users, but the website is extremely easy to use and a fun way to track your calories. The site gives you helpful tips as you log in your daily intake. For example, while testing it out, I logged in that I ate a cheeseburger and the tip that popped up was talking about how some fast food joints are high in sodium. The site is full of helpful tips! Also, there is an inspiration feed on the main page that other people write about what has inspired them or how they are doing and others comment back to help motivate and help each other out. This will help you feel like you are not alone in the weight loss process! So this website has it all – calorie tracking, exercise tracking, help and inspiration from other users, and rewards for when you meet goals!

There are many other free websites out there – test them out and see which one works best for you! Meet with a Registered Dietitian (like me!) to determine your specific dietary needs for a safe and healthy weight loss program.


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  1. Very nice article. I certainly appreciate this site. Keep it up!

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