Dietary Supplements

Many people ask me if they should be on a supplement regimen to get in more vitamins and minerals. I always say the same thing – consuming vitamins and minerals from a natural food source is best for your body. If you are consuming enough nutrients from your food choices, taking a vitamin/mineral supplement may just be a waste of money. Although, consuming a vitamin/mineral supplement is beneficial for some people.

A vitamin/mineral supplement may be beneficial when:
– Your lifestyle or food preferences keeps you from consuming the recommended Daily Value of the different nutrients.
– You are on a low-calorie weight-loss diet or you are eating less than 1,600 calories per day
– You are elderly and not eating very much
– You are a strict vegetarian or a vegan
– You are pregnant or are of child-bearing age
– You have a medical condition that limits your food choices

If you are still concerned if you are consuming an adequate amount of the different vitamins/minerals, meet with a Registered Dietitian (like me!) to evaluate your diet.


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