Basic Low Sodium Diet Facts

A low sodium (salt) diet may be prescribed for people with high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease, or other conditions in which swelling or fluid retention can occur. A low sodium diet may help prevent build up of extra fluid or water in the body which in turn will help to lower blood pressure and ease up on the heart (with extra fluid, the heart has more to pump!)

Foods to avoid (or consume less) on a low-sodium diet:
—> Salt, processed foods, instant meals, pre-made mixes, canned goods, deli meats and cheeses, condiments, sauces, pickles, and some seasoning blends.

What are other ways to season your food with little to no salt?
—> lemon or lime juice, peppers, herbs, and spices. Try a salt-free seasoning blend like Mrs. Dash.

Be sure to read the nutrition labels when following any type of diet! For a low sodium diet, look for foods with no more than 140 mg per serving. Also, be cautious when dining out for restaurant meals are often high in sodium.

If you are following a low sodium diet, meet with a Registered Dietitian (like me!) to create a meal plan tailored to your exact needs and find unique ways to cut out salt in your diet.


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