All About Eggs

Misconceptions are out there about eggs – many people think that since eggs have fat and cholesterol they increase heart disease risk. The truth is that eggs can easily fit into a healthy diet.

Nutrients in Eggs: 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams total fat, 185 mg cholesterol, and 13 essential nutrients. These essential nutrients include vitamins A, E, D, choline, and selenium. Choline is an important vitamin for brain health and eggs also contain eye protecting nutrients leutin and zeazanthin. Most of the power nutrients such as the vitamins, minerals, and protein are found in the yolk. The catch — the yolk also contains the cholesterol.

Research with Eggs: The fact is, saturated fats and trans fats, not dietary cholesterol, are the main concern with raising blood cholesterol levels. Genetics are involved, so everyone responds differently to the effect of dietary cholesterol on plasma lipid levels. The majority of the population (over 70%) are not sensitive to dietary cholesterol. Studies have varying results when studying egg consumption and heart disease risk but recent clinical studies have shown that dietary cholesterol has a measurable but mostly clinically insignificant effect on plasma cholesterol levels. Overall, eggs in moderation can easily fit into a healthful diet.
The American Heart Association recommends less than 300 mg of dietary cholesterol for the general population and less than 200 mg a day for people with heart disease.

How to fit eggs into a healthy diet: By making healthy choices throughout the day, eggs easily fit into a healthy diet. For example, if you are eating eggs for breakfast and then fast food for lunch and dinner, you are consuming too much fat and cholesterol. But if you make healthier choices for lunch and dinner, eggs are an excellent choice for breakfast. Choose lean meats, fish, and poultry while limiting your intake of processed foods and fast foods.
Also, you can limit your intake of cholesterol by eating one whole egg and one egg white instead of two whole eggs. With a piece of whole wheat toast and fruit, this would make a great breakfast to jump start your day!

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